Get Hooked on a Book Series: Upper Elementary Students

As a teacher and now a parent of school aged children, there is nothing better than finishing a book and then watching them race to find the next book in the series.  Over the past several years, these four titles have been the greatest hits in my fifth grade classroom and at home.  Enjoy!

 Gregor the Overlander Series: In this five part series, readers will experience an unforgettable fantasy spanning from New York City to The Underland, an underground world. This series will hook your reader main character Gregor, and they will fall in love with "Boots" and many of the Underland characters. I have had great success with getting students and my own children hooked on this series but reading aloud the first book in the series and having the second book readily available when we are finished.

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street is the first book in the realistic fiction Vanderbeeker series.  There are currently four books in the series, with a fifth expected sometime this year. The Vanderbeekers are a biracial family that has plenty of love to go around in their large family of seven--plus their many pets. I have read them all and in each book you will fall in love with another character in the family.

The War that Saved My Life is part of a two part historical fiction series that focuses on ten-year-old Ada has to navigate life during and after World War II. Ada has to learn to trust people who try to help her after surviving a lifetime of abuse.  

Front Desk is a soon to be three part series, where you will fall in love with Mia and her family of Chinese immigrants looking for a better life in California.  This series follows along as the Tangs manage a hotel along with their teenage daughter who is trying to find enough strength to follow HER dreams and not the dreams of her parents. 

Do you have any other book series that you would add to this list?

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