You've Been Elfed!

Spreading holiday cheer at work or in your neighborhood by getting ELFED!
Neighborhood or work you've been elfed fun to spread the holiday cheer
Simply snag this image from here or here, follow the directions in the poem on the right side, leave treats for your neighbors/coworkers and have fun!

This is a simple way to spread a little holiday cheer in your neighborhood or at work.  There are Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas versions.  


Absent Work Organization

Absent Work Organization

You guys.  I don't know how I lived without this for so long!  I used to just leave papers on the desks of absent kids.  They would get lost or mixed up with someone else's stuff. Problem solved, and it doesn't hurt that it's my favorite combo:  easy on the eyes AND functional.

I bought a wall hanging file folder here. (Way cheap too!)  Then, I used my Cricut (Vinyl Cutter) to cut out my labels.  You could easily print your own labels or use the label stickers that come with the hanging file folders if you don't have a Cricut.

Command hook and done!

The kids love it, but not as much as I do.  The flu season hit us hard last year and this system that literally runs itself has been beyond helpful to have kids return to school and know exactly what they missed!

Let me know if you use a system like this or have another one that works for you!


2017-2018 Classroom Tour

Well, the 2017-2018 school year has been over for more than a month (for me at least).  While, I will be in another school next year--I had to document my room 206.  I poured my heart and soul into this room.  I worked A LOT over the summer and added flexible seating in right before Halloween.  More on flexible seating later.  Below are some of my favorite shots of our room and links to products that I used or Amazon links are below each picture.

My favorite thing!  Our absent folders can be found here.  I used my Cricut and KB Fonts.
Welcome sign and apple border from Target.
Calendar squares from my TPT Store.

Tropical binders from my TPT store.
Teacher toolbox and blue file copy grade to do cart from here.

This is one of my favorite spots! Mini coffee table from Walmart.  Beautiful blue table was a FB yard sale find and it's the first spot kids snag each day!  Library labels from my TPT store.

Genre posters from The Hungry Teacher.

Grammar posters from Teaching and So Fourth.  Black book bins are from School Specialty and are super sturdy.

NON TICKING CLOCK.  With washi tape on the outside.  Seriuosly.  I can't even with a loud ticking clock.  The clock letters can be found in my TPT store.

A hand me down desk with many of my favorite Target dollar spot finds.  The pink desk chair can be found here.  Clutter under desk is homemade :)

Hands down the best bulletin board ever!  I found the eyes in the party section of Target but found some here on Amazon.

Not too many links for the following pictures but I just love the spaces too much not to include them!

Chalkboard contact paper from here.

Figurative language bulletin board from Miss 5th.  Big Joe chairs and pillows from Walmart.  Mo Willems characters from Kohls.

Bench and pillows from Walmart. (Bench got moved to in front of my whiteboard and was used as a stage!)

Modern VIP Desk is from here.  Fun song quotes are from Teaching and So Fourth and all religious ones on the right side are from my TPT store.

I loved participating in @Teachinbythebay postcard exchange almost as much as I love the apple border from the dollar spot!

My reading group table is usually covered with papers, so don't be misled.  BUT, my class LOVED these tractor stools.  You can adjust their height, but you can't lock the wheels.

I saved one of the bests for last!  My coffee bar was a black Friday treat to myself.  The teal shelf was found at Walmart and all of the mugs were gifted.  This area of my classroom was right behind my desk and really saved the day towards the end of the year!

Last but not least, our stuffed animals.  Made with my Cricut and loved my fifth graders, which are never too old for book buddies.

I hope you enjoyed my room!  If I left a link off, just shoot me an email!  I do miss this classroom but I am super excited to get started on my new classroom!  More to come but here is a before shot!

And full disclosure, some of the Amazon links in this post are affiliate links and I will potentially earn a few pennies should you choose to buy that item.  Literally pennies ;)

Fifth Grade Must Reads

Fifth Grade Must Reads

I can't claim expert status at much but books I know!  These books have, by far, grabbed my students attention and gotten them hooked on other books in the same genre.  Short descriptions are below.  Enjoy!

1.  Class Dismissed is a great book to start the year.  It's funny and leaves kids imagining what they would do, if one day, their teacher just got up and left----and never returned.  Memorable characters and lessons learned the hard way for many students.  Great for a first read aloud of the year.

2.  The War that Saved My Life will tug on your heart strings and teach your class about the trials that children faced during World War II.  Students will be rooting for Ada, as she is their same age, and will want to know how she saves her own life.  They will be hooked and want to move on to the sequel The War I Finally Won.

3. Ahhh Roz and The Wild Robot will teach your students about survival, adventure, and how unlikely characters can be tied together forever.  I love this book because of it's narration and it ties in a little science fiction as well.  All audiences are left rooting for Roz.  Thank goodness there is a sequel to this book as well.  Snag The Wild Robot Escapes and watch kids fight over who gets to read it first. 

4.  Out of My Mind is a book that will make you uncomfortable in the best ways.  You will fight for Melody and open the eyes of your students to other students who are special in the best ways.  

Honorable Mentions:

I can't have a must have reading list without adding Wonder and it's companion novel,  Auggie and Me.  Kindess is cool and this is just what these books teach your students.  They also teach that it can be hard to be kind, but it's worth it. The companion novel, Auggue and Me, is important for students so they can read about other character's perspective.  Honestly, I believe this should be required reading for any grade four and up.

Did I leave any of your favorites off of my list?  If so, comment with them below, I would love to check them out!

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