Black Friday Deals for Teachers

Because teachers are poor....because teachers spend their paychecks on their classrooms... #sorrytobeanenabler but here is my top 5 and maybe a bonus or 2....

1.  For my flexible seating lovers: a set of 5 sturdy and colorful stools for $30!  Snag them here!  They come in a mix of colors, but love the lime and purple!
2.  Because grading and peer editing is more fun with 108 gel pens for 50% off! Hoard more from here!  Kids love the pretty pens just as much as we do!
3. Because this mini hammock foot rest works for both adults and students. (Especially wiggly students!) Your feet and legs will thank me after shopping here at 50% off!

4.  Because Happy Astrobrights on sale make everything better. 
5.  I can't live without my Kindle and for under $50, it's a must have for the classroom AND the teacher.

Completely unnecessary but if we are are some bonus "deals".... #onecandreamright

A five port wall charger at 70% off here.  To charge #allthethings.  Seriously, streamlining is essential in my classroom and at home....even though I can never ever find a charger at my house.
A Kano Computer Kit (2017 Version) for our STEM friends and future engineers found here.  Build it AND learn to code.  I can't even imagine the possibilities.  Santa may be snagging this for my tech savvy son!  Such a cool idea!

Leave me a comment with any fun deals you have found.  But don't tell my husband. 

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