Fifth Grade Must Reads

Fifth Grade Must Reads

I can't claim expert status at much but books I know!  These books have, by far, grabbed my students attention and gotten them hooked on other books in the same genre.  Short descriptions are below.  Enjoy!

1.  Class Dismissed is a great book to start the year.  It's funny and leaves kids imagining what they would do, if one day, their teacher just got up and left----and never returned.  Memorable characters and lessons learned the hard way for many students.  Great for a first read aloud of the year.

2.  The War that Saved My Life will tug on your heart strings and teach your class about the trials that children faced during World War II.  Students will be rooting for Ada, as she is their same age, and will want to know how she saves her own life.  They will be hooked and want to move on to the sequel The War I Finally Won.

3. Ahhh Roz and The Wild Robot will teach your students about survival, adventure, and how unlikely characters can be tied together forever.  I love this book because of it's narration and it ties in a little science fiction as well.  All audiences are left rooting for Roz.  Thank goodness there is a sequel to this book as well.  Snag The Wild Robot Escapes and watch kids fight over who gets to read it first. 

4.  Out of My Mind is a book that will make you uncomfortable in the best ways.  You will fight for Melody and open the eyes of your students to other students who are special in the best ways.  

Honorable Mentions:

I can't have a must have reading list without adding Wonder and it's companion novel,  Auggie and Me.  Kindess is cool and this is just what these books teach your students.  They also teach that it can be hard to be kind, but it's worth it. The companion novel, Auggue and Me, is important for students so they can read about other character's perspective.  Honestly, I believe this should be required reading for any grade four and up.

Did I leave any of your favorites off of my list?  If so, comment with them below, I would love to check them out!

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